Kinetic Sculpture

Digital Sculpture

Kinetic Sculpture created in collaboration with the sculptor Javier Marín for his exhibition ‘Corpus’ at Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso

Kinetic Sculpture

Javier Marín: Corpus is the second part of a larger retrospective exhibition entitled Javier Marín Corpus-Terra, organized by two of Mexico City’s preeminent museums and in the public spaces of the city’s historic center, exploring the significant evolution of the artist’s work over three decades.

Featuring approximately 80 works of art that present Javier Marín’s most recent production resulting from a long career of constant investigation in which the artist uses antagonistic materials such as amaranth seeds, dried meat, bronze, polyester resin, wood and stone.

The exhibition serves to encourage a dialogue between the artist’s works and the historical spaces of the Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso Museum, a jewel of Baroque architecture in the center of Mexico City. Javier Marín: Corpus is organized in collaboration with the Javier Marín Foundation and presented in conjunction with Javier Marín: Terra at the Palacio de Iturbide Museum.

Parallel to these two exhibitions, Javier Marín will also present ten monumental sculptures, on view for the first time in Mexico City, as part of an outdoor installation in the streets of the city’s historic center following an extensive traveling exhibition in Madrid, Rome, Brussels, The Hague, Luxembourg and Milan, among others.